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new gadgets and fast times

So Thanksgiving came and went... I had a nice time and got to go to my Aunt Jana's for dinner for the first time in a few years. It seemed a little more low-key this year with the absence of a couple of family members. Still, I got to catch up with some family and have my fill of good food(at least one piece of poppyseed roll and cherry pie :D ).

I was only over for Thanksgiving eve and had to go home early the same night for work the next day. I drove Andrew to his parent's round-trip since his car was broken down at the time.

I know I haven't made a lot of posts lately, but I really want to keep this up-to-date more...and catch up with all of you. It may be a little easier now with my nifty new computer. :D ...I got my early Christmas gift yesterday: a Macbook. This thing is very cool and was easy to set up. I'm just getting used to all the features. My parents got it for me as a gift(and a *very* early bday gift included), but also as a good tool to use for school. I think my mom said she even got a student/college discount at the Apple store...and they even gave her free express shipping because she was having so much trouble ordering it(boring story) that she had to re-order the thing three times.

So I have an awesome new computer to help me start my new semester at school. I'll be attending the Academy of Art San Francisco online starting late January. This time, I'm majoring in Illustration and my first two classes look very interesting. I'll get to do a lot of drawing and work with photoshop...which was so different from my previous online school(don't get me wrong, i have nothing against Art History). So I am pretty excited.

There's been a lot that has gone on in the past month and I wanted to update on most of it, but the time just flew. I can't believe Christmas is next week, but I'm almost ready.

10 days ago, Andrew left for Arizona. He went out there with some friends and I've missed ever since he left. I would've like to go with him, but I didn't have the money for it. I never thought I would ever miss someone so much but I do. It was really hard to say good-bye just because I knew I wouldn't see him until around New Year's Eve. I cried a little when he left, and I remember the night he left it was snowing...it felt kind of bittersweet. I missed him a lot already, but at the same time I knew he was out doing what he needed to do and helping his friends.

Christmas....tomorrow I'm gonna bake 'kiffels', decorate the tree(finally..had to wait for my parents to clean up a bit), and get some more school paperwork done. I have a lot on my agenda, but I'm too tired to type it all at the moment. I haven't slept well the past couple of days. Luckily, I have off the next 3 days. huzzah.

random again

Don't mind if my thoughts are a little jumbled here...I'm sleepy... :P

Yesterday, I was over at Andrew's place all day. We got ready for his brother and his brother's girlfriend to come over for dinner. His brother apparently *loves* beef enchiladas, so I borrowed the recipe and cooked up a meal. Everyone loved it. :) They were extra cheesy, so everyone loved that too. lol. ;)

After that, we ended up going bowling. We played two games. I got 3rd the first game, last place the second game. :P I had a lot of fun and so did everyone else. We may make it a regular thing to get together.

9 More days until the Jim Gaffigan show. Andrew and I are excited...and I'm excited to go to NYC again too. The last time I was there I believe was for Ladytron.

I've been planning to jump back into school again. I know it's been another long hiatus, but I really want this to work out. Work is getting more and more ridiculous. I find myself coming home thinking, what am I doing? I should be working towards a career...not just a job. I'm rambling a bit, but...I put in my application for a Spring semester in college. Before I say anything more, I'll just make sure I get accepted.

The holidays are near and I am in no way prepared.... I'm thinking of baking/cooking at least one thing for Thanksgiving, then Christmas. I'm most likely going to make kiffels(german pastry of sorts...really freakin' good) for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, I'm going to be able to spend it with my dad's side of the family. I can't help it but I always get 'happy' around the holidays...no matter what is bothering me.

Christmas, I may just bake something extra special for work and home. I've been getting some awesome recipe magazines in the mail and I want to try some of them out.

Well, that's all for now. I guess I'm kind of typing in a rush, but I'll write more later. :) ~

I'm still here. :)

Sorry it's been another big gap since my last post. I don't mean for that to happen. Usually I mean to post, but I've been either busy/sick/tired/lazy to do it... So, I don't mean to avoid LJ at all. I want to catch up on all my friends here and still keep in touch. So, I hope everyone's doing well. :)

As for me, today marked 3 months I've been with Andrew. We hung out at his apartment and when I came over, he gave me a rose, some chocolate, and a very sweet card. He said this day meant a lot to him.

I know we haven't been going out for very long, but I like how everything is turning out in our relationship. When I'm with him, I just live in the moment and I can't help but think...happy thoughts. :) So today meant a lot to me in many ways...

On a different note, I've been fighting with my sinuses on and off for the past couple weeks. On a bad day, my head feel tight and stuff and I feel extremely drained(which makes my physical job suck even more). I went to my ENT doctor about a week ago and he said I had a sinus infection...gave me medicine...and it's doing it's job for the most part. But yesterday, for some reason, my sinuses acted up again and I couldn't concentrate on anything at all. I've just been trying to take it easy at work and get lots of rest until I feel 100% again.

The strange thing is that there is something going around more work area and/or neighborhood...because a lot of people have complained of colds, sinuses or allergies, viruses and whatever else is making them sick. I know it's for the most part "that time of the year" but my sinuses haven't been this bad in a long while...and a lot of people have said the same thing. One of my co-workers told me that they've been to their doctor 4 times already for their sinuses and the problem keeps coming back. Oh well...I'll take my medicine and hope for the best...

There's more to update on but I am getting sort of tired now. I'll update more very soon. I have work tomorrow morning and still a few things to do before bed... My life consists of the boyfriend ;), friends, family, and work. But I'm planning on putting school back into the mix...and always working on my art...It never leaves me...

Until next time... :) ~

quick update

I've been absent from LiveJournal for a little while. To cut it short, I've been very busy lately. I've been wanting to update LJ for a while now but things have gotten in my way(regular busy life/vacation/wireless internet not working properly).

So I'll update on my life quickly('cause I'm in a rush right now, lol ^_^ ).

- There's a guy in my life right now. His name is Andrew and he is awesome. :) He even has an LJ... http://nemoirl.livejournal.com/profile. ;)
We've been seeing each other for a little over a month and things are going great. We have mutual friends and just met along the way... I'm enjoying how things are progressing....... :)
Tonight, I'm making him tacos for dinner(his fave) at his place. We'll probably hang out and watch a movie(or sometimes I get him to watch anime! :P). Just low key is what we usually do.

- I went on vacation with my aunt, uncle, and 3-year-old cousin to Nags Head, North Carolina(The Outer Banks) in the middle of September. The trip was a blast...I spent a lot of time at the beach, took a lot of pictures(will upload soon), shopped, and had some good eats. :) Plus I hadn't seen my relatives in a while so it was good to see them again.

- My internet time has basically been cut in half lately...Our wireless isn't working at home. And we have two computers and only one that will access the internet(which my mom likes to use...a lot). So, no complaining, but I'm trying to figure out the problem so I can be on here more. -_-

Well, I gotta get going. I promise to catch up on LJ's and update more here(and I mean it this time ^_~). Hope everyone is doing well and I'll comment to my good friends here soon! :)


I think after the third turkey corn dog(turkey..yes, i'm *trying* to be sorta healthy :P)...it's normal to have a stomach ache. ...*blushes*

I feel weird tonight.

Work was insanely long today.

I have many things to update on...I promise soon. <3

On a lighter note...

The Soup is always great to me, but the last two episodes have been so awesome. haha.

The one from two weeks ago had Keith Olbermann, Simon Pegg, and Jessica Hynes!

And the one from this week featured Keith Olbermann as the clip of the week.

I love The Soup. It is my 30-minute delightful escape from many "crappy" things...heh.

nah nah nah nah nah Batman!

Jeez, it's like 5:50 in the morning and everyone is already talking about The Dark Knight(I am aware of the midnight shows ^_~ ). It makes me want to see it even more....not like I'm the only one, heh. ;)
I might get to see it Sunday with some friends but plans are kinda jumbled at the moment. I would like to see it *now*, but stupid work... XD So...no spoilers. please! :) heath ledger. <3

I'm in a weird mood this morning, if you haven't already noticed...I'm just really tired still. Went to bed early last night because I didn't get home 'til 1am(wed night/thurs. morning) and had to be at work at 8am the next day.

My birthday was a lot of fun. I saw some family and friends... I came down Tuesday night after my ear doctor appointment(I'll save that wonderful story for another post, lol) and stayed over at my grandparents house(mom's side) who I haven't seen in forever. They were so happy to see me and my grandma gave me homemade waffles for breakfast...and then they sang 'happy birthday' to me(corny but sweet (: ). I stayed with them a bit and then went over to my grandma's(dad's side), who I had just seen last week. Her birthday was actually yesterday(thurs.) so i made sure to see her again as well. She gave me a slice of ice cream cake.....and sang me 'happy birthday'. XD I love my grandparents. ;)

Then I met up for a late lunch with some friends I hadn't seen in a while. We ate at a local diner and just chatted and laughed about random things. They had to go their separate ways after lunch, so I headed over to Vanessa's house...hung out some more...In the evening, we met up with our friend Zach and headed over to the Japanese Steakhouse for dinner! :D I haven't had sushi in soooo long but i felt bad because I hadn't been hungry all day. I think because of the heat...I've just been more thirsty.

I had a good helping of appetizers, sushi, and a bit of fried ice cream. :9 I didn't get to head home 'til real late because we didn't leave the steakhouse until about 10pm. I had to drive my friends home, get gas, and by the time I was on the highway, it was 11pm. o_O I was driving around a lot that day...it was tiring but loads of fun. :) :) I'm glad I got to see everybody.
And thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts. I love you all. :)

Next step, Batman! And I just saw there's another PopMart show this Saturday. So maybe I will go to the movies this weekend....

Ladytron and a busy week

So, I didn't post that concert review right away like a promised. XD... The last week went by kinda fast in some ways and slow in some other ways, if you know what I mean... As soon as I got back from my "mini-vacation", I had to work 5 days in a row. Usually with my work schedule I have a day off after about 2 or 3 days. So these five days seemed to drag. lol... but at the same time, it feels like yesterday I was just at the concert enjoying myself...

The quick NYC trip went okay except for one problem with my hotel. Wednesday morning(the 25th), I took the bus to the city and had some time before I could check into my hotel. I grabbed something to eat, found my way around, and looked for exactly where things were located(as in places I wanted to go, hotel, concert venue). I had planned ahead a time to have my hotel near the concert venue and also have few other things near. I was able to get around with no problem...but *lots* of walking. XD I definitely got my exercise that day. I ended it up going to the MOMA for a little bit. I hadn't been there in a longgg while....maybe around when I was 17 for a school trip, if I remember correctly. I could tell I hadn't been there for a while because so much had seemed to change! But it was cool to check out the museum again for a bit.

After that, I chilled in my hotel for a while and got ready for the show....

Ladytron - June 25, 2008 - Live at Terminal 5, NYCCollapse )

I left NYC the next morning and prayed I'd make it home alive as my bus driver proceeded to cut off many drivers and get lost in a seedy part of NY state. lol XD ugh...but anyway. Can't complain...I'm just happy I got a little vacation. :) I will update on other things soon....

TV and things

I just finished watching the Top Chef cast special. I'm glad Stephanie won. all in all a good season... Season 5 of Project Runway starts on my bday. :D can't wait...well, I can. :P But you get what I mean. I never used to watch shows on Bravo and now I find myself watching a bunch of reality/tv shows on that channel...

I've been feeling better, not as fatigued. I know I still can't ignore what was going on so I have an appointment on Tuesday with the doctor. I think I'm going to make an appointment for something else...I'm not trying to go crazy, but I just feel like my body doesn't like me lately. :S Compared to last year, late spring/early summer, I could run around and get things done and still keep going. Now it's like I'm always tired. I don't know if I'm just out of shape or need more sleep/exercise. :p I'll stop here for now.
Next Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday I'll have off. I'm excited just to have off that long from work. :D ...Wednesday night is the concert. I'll probably just be working on some overdue art projects with the rest of my time off. Hopefully get to chill with some friends if they are not busy. I would go down to my hometown, but money's tight with my day-trip and the cost of gas. :/ I won't get into it since I know everyone's feeling the pain...

Today went okay, I started an art project but then stopped to clean house. I'm thinking I'm going to work on it a bit more before I go to bed.


I don't know why, but right now I have the biggest craving for a strong, sweet drink...Like a smoothie, or a milkshake,....or a Wendy's Frosty because I keep seeing new commercials for them. Just basically something sweet and bad for me right *now* .... Send it to my home now, please. ;P ...

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